Tech Screening

If you are in consulting business, you know how challenging is to place a candidate.  It takes weeks to get time on clients calendar for an technical interview. Lot of time and energy wasted on a bad candidate. How often have you heard from client that the last candidate you send me was horrible!! And sending too many bad candidates will risk your relationship with client.

In my experience, most of the candidates looks real good on paper but the minute you start asking them some technical questions they start to break. When I talk to candidates some of the skills they add to the resume so they get a call and not necessarily they know those technologies.

“39% of IT professionals and 35% of IT leaders say that most resumes contain outright lies”– Tek Systems

Some people have good resume but they don’t have a Linkedin profile to verify the experience. Others have good experience and Linkedin but they are just not prepared for a interview. There technical skills are not brushed up for a while for an interview. It takes a good month or two to prepare for a technical interview. It is difficult to keep up with interviewing skills while also full time working on a job.

“74% of IT professionals and 60% of IT leaders agree that the employer’s screening process affects their decision to continue or remove themselves from candidacy.”– Tek Systems

Tips for selecting candidates:

  • Look for code samples on github.
  • If a candidate have a blog that is a big plus.
  • For front-end positions usually successful candidates have a good portfolio page.
  • For full stack positions ideal skill set is :  Node.js, JavaScript, Angular/React and MongoDB (Or any No SQL database). Java is also big plus. Most of the companies still have there backend in Java.
  • A good front end candidate should also familiar with performance optimization and cross browser testing.
  • A good linkedin profile with a couple of  recommendations is also a plus. This gives you some confidence in a candidate.
  • Always setup a video call (Like Skype) for pre screening candidates to avoid any proxy interviews.

My Tech Screen Process:

I do pre screening after my office hours. You choose a time and send me your candidate skype and phone details. Usually it takes 30-45 mins. I will reply you back with detailed assessment in an email which you can also share with your client if you like.

I have expertise in these fields:

  • Node.js
  • JavaScript/ES6
  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • Angular1/Angular2
  • React.js
  • Testing
  • Performance and cross browser testing
  • Devops
  • Coding Test (Optional based on need)

If you are interested in my service please send me an email on