My name is Hitesh Kumar. I am a full stack developer working for a great supply chain company in New Jersey area. JavaScript has caught up my attention lately so i am mostly try to catch up with JavaScript these days.

I was born in New Delhi, India. I completed my bachelors in engineering in 2007 from Bangalore, India .After completing my bachelors degree in 2008 I moved to United States to purse master’s degree in Computer Science.

In 2010, I graduated from University at Albany, NY with Masters Degree in computer science. Since then, I have been working as software engineer for various companies. You can visit my Linkedin for more details.

I am codeschool and pluralsight  lover. Always ready to learn something new and exciting.

I also have some project’s on my github account.

Why blog?

My blog is more for my personal learning also to share with others what i learned. Blog is the best way for me to learn a new technology.

Contact info : Linkedin | Facebook | hk00027@gmail.com


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