How To Crack Node.js Interview ?

Introduction Javascript  Express.js Node.js Bonus Questions Coding Exercises Node.js popularity has been all time high and so is the need for good Node.js developers. I have been to some node.js/javascript interview’s and  I am writing this blog to share my experience. So what interviewer is looking for a node.js person? Javascript plays a key role in […]


Angular.js (1.X) Fundamentals

What is Angular.js? Directives Modules Services Filters Services Two way data Binding Single Page Apps (SPA) Some Interviews question on Angular.js Sample Applications What is Angular.js ? A client side javascript framework for adding interactivity to HTML. It lets you use good old HTML and lets you extend HTML’s syntax to express your application’s components […]

React.js Fundamentals

What is React Simple component in React JSX Props Lifecycle events Virtual DOM Mixins Proptypes Flux Redux Flux vs Redux Sample Apps What is React ? React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces developed by Facebook . It is the V in MVC. Simple Simply express how your app should look at any given point in […]

JavaScript Module Pattern

This is a common design pattern used in javascript programming where there is need for a getter and setter like functionality. It uses a self-invoking function to create a closure around it and then you can use getter and setter to access the properties. Some advantages of use this approach: Concept of private and public properties […]

Functional Programming in Javascript

Functional Programming Imperative vs Object Oriented vs Functional Map and Reduce Filter Pure Functions Immutability Functional programming is new buzz word these which you might be hearing very frequently. I have been myself trying to explore what is functional programming exactly and what it has to do with Javascript. I have come to following conclusions: […]

React – Redux Flow

Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. That means if you want to use something to manage state of your application you can use Redux. It can work with any modern framework like Vue, React.js or Angular.js. But it more popular with React because of its similarities with Facebooks’s Flux architecture. Use Redux when: When […]

Just Some Good Talks!

This is the list of talk which i found really interesting. Must watch for every software engineer!! Talk by Brenna O’Brien on Real Javascript Developer: Making Badass Developers – Kathy Sierra Talk by Douglas Crockford – “The Better Parts” | .concat() 2015 (BTW he is quite unhappy with ES6) Anjana Vakil: Learning Functional Programming with […]


Work in progress ES6 also know as ECMAScript 6 or ECMAScript 2015 (European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA)) is the move to make javascript more awesome and a better programming language. A lot of it is a syntactical sugar but there are some useful good additions to this language which we will see in this post. […]

Angular is declarative?

You have been hearing this term a lot about angular that it has  a declarative syntax. So what is declarative programing(or language)? A declarative language is a very high level language which only tell what needs to be done and not how it will be done. For an example: HTML is a declarative language. On […]

MongoDB Fundamentals

What is MongoDB? MongoDB is non relational data store(does not store data in table) for JSON documents. MongoDB is schemaless. That means altering document is easy at any point in time.MongoDB has a query language, highly-functional secondary indexes (including text search and geospatial), a powerful aggregation framework for data analysis, and more. MongoDB was designed with high […]